Saturday, July 4, 2020

Hair Cycle and Why We Shed It

Hair fall is a prevalent issue among ladies. But it is not something that you should get worried about. The shedding of hair is a natural process. In fact, it is a healthy one because the shedding old hair strands give way to new hair growth. 

Why We Shed Hair

The body stimulates the growth of healthy strands of hair by pushing out the old ones. The same concept applies to snakes shedding their old skin because their bodies are stretching out. Human hairs also work that way. Strand of falling hair a day is considered normal, so don’t fret if you noticed there are too much hair on your floor tiles after you shower. If humans don’t replace old hairs, we will end up with a rough, dry, and weak hair.

The Cycle of Growing Hair

Growth – A normal person sheds fifty to a hundred strands of hair daily. The cycle starts with the hair growth. This begins after an old strand is pushed out. The tiny hair emerges from the hair follicle, and in every 28 days, it grows 1 centimeter. That is roughly 6 inches a year. This stage takes the longest time. It could take up to seven long years if the strand is strong enough. 

Regression – Hair strands, in general, grows and grows as long as it stays healthy. You cannot tell if a strand has fully matured or not, but one thing is for sure, all of our hair strands degenerate – they become weak, brittle, and prone to breakage. Our hair is also made up of cells, and cells soon come of age and die. This period is called regression.

Inactive Stage – The third stage is where the strand keeps its position firmly doing nothing. The size of the strand is fixed and could not grow any longer. The inactive stage of a hair’s life usually lasts around two to three weeks.

Shedding – Lastly, the shedding phase happens when the hair bulb rises from its position and withdraw naturally. The hair fall also gives new life to a hair bulb, which is why it is not a very sad thing for human hairs.

At this point, hair fall is related to medical symptoms and studied by experts. Hair fall is no cause for a panic since it is a natural phenomenon. However, if you are really conscious about it, there are hair care tips available on the internet to keep your hair strong and healthy. 

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