Saturday, July 4, 2020

The Timeless Haircut You First Saw On “Friends”

15 years after it was first seen on TV, Jennifer Anniston’s hairstyle as Rachel in Friends is still very much popular today.

Michael Canale, Anniston’s hair guru, describes the hairstyle as “timeless” which still works today.

The feathered-bob style made the actress a hairstyle icon in the mid-90s when women all over the world copied the look.

Anniston has her hairstylist friend Chris McMillan to thank for the said look. Michale Canale, on the other hand, was the one who gave Anniston’s hair a sun-kissed shade. He has also worked for other celebrities including Denise Richards, Kyra Sedgwick, and Carolyn Murphy. Both McMillan and Canale still work with Anniston from time to time.

Canale said Anniston was filming for the pilot of her debut show, Friends when Jimmy Burrows brought her to him. Canale was considered the best colorists in the world, particularly in Beverly Hills back then.

At that time, Anniston had medium-length brown hair. McMillan shortened it and gave it a blonde sun-kissed look with highlights. It was back in 1994, but Anniston can still be seen sporting almost the same ‘do today, which only proves the timelessness of the said look.

Canale said that getting that kind of blonde look can be achieved through proper maintenance.

He also notes that over bleaching can make you more look mature while dark roots can be jarring.

Canale suggests that when doing color, you should start by determining your skin’s undertone. Someone with warm undertone should go for warm colors, while those with cool undertone should also choose cool colors for their hair. This way, you can prevent having a ruddy complexion and looking washed out.

Hair color really does wonders to a woman’s overall look, so be sure to choose one that matches your skin’s undertone perfectly.

As a last note, use the best products for your hair. Aside from giving your hair a better and more natural look, the color will also last longer.

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